BBQ’s, Braai’s and Smokers

One thing is certain about BBQ’s, braai’s and smokers: you can never have enough! So put that garden set aside, put those flower boxes with the bulky waste and make your move. After all, more fire is always better.

What’s your BBQ flavor?

With our wide selection of A-brand BBQ’s, braai’s and smokers, we have all the goodies in stock, but what is your fired favorite? Are you going for the adventurous South African braai? Do you choose the professional ceramic BBQ and enjoy it’s perfect temperature control? Or are you a real low & slow lover who prefers the convenience of an electronically controlled pellet grill? Read on, who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new way of cooking with fire that you want to ignite in your backyard too. And remember one very important thing: no one says that one BBQ is enough.

Bigger, better, braai

Since our visit to South Africa where we dived deep into the braai culture for our third book ‘Smokey Goodness – the bigger, better BBQ’ we have been sold. The sturdy and atmospheric Braai’s exude an experience and are versatile cooking stations full of fire. You burn your own charcoal in the hardwood coal maker, rake it under the grills and roast away vigorously. Hang a potjie (cast iron cooking pan) over the coals for the tastiest stews such as bobotti or use the grill spit accessory for a real fire fowl.

For our BBQs, Braai’s and Smokers, we go for the original A-brands as standard, so we offer the full collection of Home Fires braai’s in our shop. These are 100% made in South Africa but offer full support in your backyard through Comfort Trade. Smokey Goodness is a serious Braai dealer, all models can be viewed in our showroom. Some are also in use by us and can be tried out during a braai workshop. Braai’s are available stand-alone and built-in. For the latter we can advise you well, so be sure to give us a call for the right installation material you will need.

Ceramic BBQ’s

The ceramic BBQ is currently (and for good reasons) the most popular BBQ and should therefore not be missing in our BBQ’s, braais and smokers assortment. You will therefore find a wide selection of the best brands in our shop: The Bastard, Kamado Joe, Big Green Egg and Grill Guru. All variants of every brand are available via us. Would you like to see and experience the differences first? Then visit our showroom in Delft for advice or follow a Ceramic BBQ masterclass.

Traeger Pellet Grills

Pellet grills, never heard of this type of BBQ? That will certainly change! Because at Smokey Goodness we think that this type of smoker could become very popular soon. The electronic control gives you maximum control over the cooking temperature and duration. It really is ‘set it and forget it’. The pellet grill works on small smoke wood pellets. These are made of compressed wood that give off both heat and the desired smoke aroma. In our range of BBQ’s, braais and smokers we choose the absolute quality from Traeger. The American top brand that is the founder of this type of smokers and that always burns the competition in quality and functionality.