Barbecue Essentials

With our BBQ Essentials, the BBQ feast really starts! Yes, a BBQ is fun, but it only really becomes a party if you have the right BBQ accessories, tools and gadgets. BBQ is an artisanal craft, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it easy or more fun for yourself. So, shop till you drop because you can never have enough of these BBQ essentials in your shed.

BBQ Tools, accessories and more

With the BBQ essentials collection from the Smokey Shop, the world of cooking with fire really opens to you. This monstrous collection is packed with BBQ tongs, spatulas, thermometers, skillets, cast iron pans and unprecedented upgrades and accessories. Turn your BBQ or braai into a pizza oven with the pizza makers from The Bastard or Home fires. Turn your ceramic BBQ into a fire-fired rotisserie with our spits and rotisseries and make an chicken on a spit or a rotisserie roasted picanha steak like you’ve never experienced before. Awesome recipes to inspire you to get the most out of your BBQ can of course be found in our BBQ books, but also online at

Don’t be shy, stock up!

Our digital BBQ essentials aisle is one that you really want to stroll through for a while. Whoever makes a big hit here will not only make his fiery preparations easier, but also a lot more diverse. And change of food makes hungry. So put your cup of coffee or glass of bourbon ready, scroll through the BBQ Essentials subcategories and fill your shopping basket to the max. Is your budget under pressure? Then use our wishlist function and save your BBQ wannahaves for later. This way you don’t have to think long about what should be on your gift ideas list for your upcoming birthday. Speaking of birthdays, our BBQ Essentials are packed with great gifts for every BBQ lover.