BBQ sauces & Rubs

With our extensive collection of BBQ sauces and rubs you know one thing for sure: your BBQ will be full of flavor! Load your digital shopping basket to the brim with various rubs and sauces because a BBQ pantry is just like your girlfriend’s shoe collection: you can never have enough.

Sprinkle, slather & enjoy

Good BBQ sauces and rubs are indispensable for those who want to put the best BBQ dishes on the table. The BBQ rub – a blend of salt, sugar and spices specially composed for low and slow smoking ensures that you get a crispy mahogany brown crust on your BBQ roast, even at low temperatures of low & slow smoking. Each blend is unique and has specific seasonings with which you apply your first layer of goodness. BBQ sauces are that extra boost that gives your dish a firm push to flame full fury over the flavor finish. Put the bottle on the table or brush spareribs, pulled pork, MOINK-balls or for my part your mother-in-law with BBQ sauce just before the end, let the fire do its work for a few more minutes and serve! You are really going to sink your teeth into something unprecedentedly delicious.

Would you rather make your own BBQ sauce? Then take a look at Smokey’s secret ingredient: the Blackstrap coffee molasses, indispensable to get that deep rich taste in your sauce or baked beans dish. Inspiration for killer BBQ sauce recipes can be found on our BBQ platform

Don’t burn your bark!

A ‘word of warning’ for the hot & fast grillers. BBQ rubs contain sugars and other seasonings (such as coffee and cocoa in our own Smokey Goodness Beefalicious‘) and they are great for creating the perfect bark at Low & Slow barbecue. Bark? Yes, the wafer-thin, divinely tasty crispy golden brown outer edge of the meat where the smoke, heat, meat juices and spices enter an intimate interplay. But the dividing line between bark and burnt is paper thin. Has your rubbed brisket or pork shoulder been in too hot temperatures for too long? Then the sugars in the rub over caramelize and delicate herbs and spices will burn leaving you with black meat and a nasty bitter aftertaste.

Hot & fast grilling with BBQ rubs is therefore an absolute no go. But we at Smokey Goodness know who you are, how you think and what you want! And sometimes you just want to pull your steaks and chops over a sweltering hot grill. And no, salt and pepper just won’t cut it. We have specially developed the Smokey Goodness grill blend for just that. A herbal mixture without sugars or fast-burning ingredients, but packed with flavor.

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Take your time, scroll through our extensive range of BBQ sauces & rubs and put together your carefully selected mix. Do you just want to get started right away and try different types? Then definitely make a choice from one of our packages in which you can fill your shopping basket with a perfectly composed range at the best price with one click.