Knives, Cleavers and Tools

Good knives, cleavers and tools are indispensable in your BBQ kitchen. After all, you don’t want to ruin that perfectly prepared steak at the table or on your cutting board at the last minute. Being sharp and staying sharp is a must. But the eye also wants something in addition to your hand. That’s why we have a stylish selection of knives, cleavers and tools begging to be added to your basket in our shop.

Razor sharp blades and prices

A good chef’s knife, carving knife or sharpening steel does not have to leave a deep cut in your wallet. Good knives come in different price segments. To make a good choice and find out what best suits you, you have to ask yourself the following: How often will I use the knife and how important is the look and feel to me. Are you the one who only cuts the meat every Sunday? Then Napoleon‘s strong knives are good enough. Do you cut more often and are you looking for a knife that is just as cool as your BBQ hangout? Then we recommend Forged knives. Beautiful to look at, available in several series each with a unique look and the price is just as sharp as the blade. Are you going for the ultimate looks and quality? Then Tamahagane is for you. This top-of-the-line range is used by chefs worldwide and is loved for its Japanese forging techniques with razor-sharp results.

Which knives are essential to have?

Which knives should I have? A frequently asked question on many BBQ forums. It is understandable that if you have not attended a culinary school that you can choke on the enormous offer. As you cook and grill more and more often, you will see that it pays off to use special knives for specific cutting jobs. But before you fill your knife block with 15 different knives, you can start small. The first knife that you should have is a chef’s knife. This is the all-rounder in your kitchen drawer. For slicing vegetables, slicing your smoked cheddar or chopping fresh herbs, the chef’s knife is what you want to grab. In addition, a carving knife is also an absolute must. Thanks to the thinner blade, you can cut every steak into perfect slices. A small paring knife completes your trio. Do check out our precomposed knife sets and save yourself a lot of searching.

If you want to work in a more specialized way, a bread knife should certainly not be missing from your range. The serrations not only cut through that hard bread crust perfectly, but also vegetables, cakes, quiches and pies split like the sea for Moses. Cleavers such as the Asian Cleaver is a must for more robust chopping tasks if you occasionally want to get through a bone, such as with Peking duck. A set of Forged steak knives shows that your guests have joined a real pitmaster at the table. Do you want to show that you are a real Brisket Master? Then the brisket knife from Jeroen Hazebroek is a must. This brisket knife has a wavy instead of serrated edge, so you can cut perfectly through the bark of the brisket without fraying the meat.

Smokey Goodness loves Forged

The Forged knives are well represented in our webshop. We offer the Intense Forged, the Katai Forged, Olive forged, sebra forged and Forged VG10 series. In addition, Forged has a unique selection of churrasco tools with which you can create your own Brazilian churrasco in your backyard. Forged is also the supplier of the flambadou, a fiery toy that allows you to baste and cook ingredients with flaming fat. A fiery tool that should not be missing in the arsenal of the serious BBQ’er. It is the tough look of the forged chef’s knives that appeals to us so much. Forged stands for craft, craftsmanship and a unique style. The result is an authentic range of chef and steak knives with a rugged look and feel that fits great with barbecue. The fact that Forged makes quality chef’s knives with a competitive price that many hobby chefs can handle well, makes this the ultimate BBQ knife brand for us.