New BBQ Stuff

Check out our new BBQ stuff here! We are always scouting the BBQ market for new tools, gear, gadgets and innovations so that we can always help you barbecue better in your backyard.

Good enough for Smokey Goodness?

The avid Smokey Goodness webshop visitor can visit this page to see the latest additions to our showroom and webshop with a single glance. Saves you going through all the digital aisles again in search of the latest BBQ innovations. Now that the BBQ market is igniting ever increasing each year, there is more and more new stuff on the market. Before we include an item in our BBQ range, it must always be approved by the Smokey Goodness pitmasters. For example, each item is first subjected to a smokey quality test. Is the item vandal-proof and can it take a beating? Does the item do what it promises? Is it really an addition with new functionalities or just another copy of what is already on the market? Only when the men and women of Smokey Goodness are satisfied do we include it in our range and will it shine here at the new stuff section.

Real BBQ innovations

Sometimes we receive a new BBQ item that is first subjected to a severe fire test. We therefore make a detailed report of this that we share on our Smokey Goodness inspirational platform at The Innovations. Here you can read in detail all the specifications, the promises of the manufacturer and the advantages and disadvantages. Finally, you will find our final verdict. If it turns out positive, there is a good chance that we will include it in our webshop and that you will find it here at new stuff.

BBQ Reviews

The Smokey Goodness Pitmasters are of course not the only ones to judge the quality. You too can give your opinion in our shop. You do this by clicking on ‘Reviews’ on the product page. Here you can see what others think of the BBQ products and you can easily leave your opinion and final verdict.